Monday, 8 July 2013

When it Rains...

Hello everyone!
How is your week coming along???

Today I bring you a post inspired by the rain=D

Rain. Rain. Rain.
The natural environmental phenomena 
that happens through evaporation 
to put it simply=D

I think I have this love hate relationships when it comes to rain

Not to confuse this post with the Korean superstar
 *Jung Ji-hoon a.k.a Rain*

Since we are on him, he is one talented human being no?


There are a few reason why I love it when it rains

1. Sleep is Extra Good 

Now, don't you dare argue with me on this point
You know i am right!
Sleep is always better when it rains, you get all comfy and nice=p

Now this is what happens when i enter REM sleep
Off to Lala land peeps!

2. Singing out loud in the car

Ahhh...Such emotions=p

Another reason why I love the rain!
I get to sing my hearts out in the car when it rains 
Cuz the other drivers can't see you clearly

But then again, 
I sing even when it's bright and shiny
maybe with less self expressions=p

Otherwise, the other drivers will think i am a complete loony.
Before you start questioning my driving skills
This no hands stunt only happens
When I am WAITING for the traffic light to turn green=D
3. Cleaner air


The air is always fresher after it rains
Don't you think so?

4. Re-hydrate our land


Rain helps farmers to grow better crops for us

Rain = Better crops = More food = Happy people

Few reasons why I don't Like the rain

1. Get all soaking wet 

Higher chances of getting myself wet from the rain
 *Which is not pleasant*
cuz I don't have the habit of carrying an umbrella
2. Getting stuck in one place


When it rains like cats and dogs
I will stuck in that place 
Cuz the rain is so heavy I would be force to wait it out

 Do you have a similar experiences?

3. Traffic Jams 


Ahhh yes, 
the traffic here get doubly BAD when it rains!
You get stuck in the traffic wayyyyy longer than the usual 

I was once stuck in a stand still for 3 hours to a place 
which usual takes me 15mins 

There was no accidents or road blocks 
Only the rain.

4. Floods



Malaysia is pretty blessed that we don't really have major disasters 
like hurricanes or earthquakes 
But, we do get floods.
Pretty serious ones too.


I guess what I am trying to say is

Nothing is 100% perfect

How we, as individuals choose our opinions on something
Will determine whether something is perfect or not.

We are entitled to our own perspective of things
But, there are times when a change of perspective 
might just make life a whole lot enjoyable=D

Sometimes what we think is an unfortunate situation 
may be just a  good situation in disguise=p 

We make our own perfections in life

It's up to you whether you want your to be perfect=D 


So, brave the day with a positive perspective 
and you will find that you will be able to beat 
whatever obstacles that comes your way

You will find your way to hang on
And, ultimately succeed!

Have an awesome week everyone!

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