Thursday, 11 July 2013

Volume Fashion

Hello Hello..

How was your week?

I am sure it wasn't so bad...
If it was no worries Friday is here to make you all better=P

Since, it's Friday,
A happy time of the week

Great time for an outfit post=D

Today, I bring you High volume fashion!

I think high volume fashion is great,
If worn properly, 
you can have the fashionable chic look while concealing that tummy=p

Great for a buffet outing no?

High volume fashion is basically clothes with volume
Meaning bulky clothes=D

High volume fashion has been around through centuries 

You can see it with British court dresses in the 1750s'

 *Does make you wonder how they manage to maneuver with such a huge dress*

To full skirts in the 1950'

Even futuristic fashion styles has taken volume into consideration


With that said,
Coming back to my take on volume fashion 
Ofcuz, the wearable kind...
*Don't expect me wearing a huge court dress for an outing* 

 *Superstar pose? I think Not!*

Knitted Bell Sleeves Top | H&M

Gold Puffy Skirt | Forever 21

 Bag | Gucci 
Loafers | ZARA

Wei...Is the camera ready OR NOT?
*Looking lost!*

Strike a pose=p 

 That's all for today... 

Back to my books!

I got an exam to sit for!


 Remember to enjoy yourself this weekend!

So, what do you think of this style???

Yay or Nay???

Let me know your thoughts=D

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