Sunday, 21 July 2013

Long Sheer Skirt

How was your weekend???

Gosh, Monday is coming Again...

Let's not let that get us down=D
I had the privilege to have high tea at Majestic Hotel KL 
to celebrate my dearest sister's 20th birthday.
So, watch out for my next post on the Posh English High Tea dining experience=D  

But today will be an outfit post=D
 Decided to spend my afternoon in a comfortable sheer long skirt 

Sheer skirts are kinda naughty no?

It has the little teaser effect
Where some can be seen yet cannot be seen=p

The skirt also have a open slit at the side
Extra peekaboo effect???

Long Sheer Skirt | H&M

Crop Top | H&M

Outer wear | Online store
(forgot which one, got it a while back)

Necklace | Angels Whisper 
(More details click here)  

 Heels | ZARA

 Happy Girl

My superhero dad and I 

 Sometimes when I go out with my dad
I occasionally get stares from people.

They must be thinking 
"This girl is definitely his gf/mistress"  


Ahhh, might as well give people some afternoon gossip entertainment=p

The mistress is out baby!

Have a great week ahead!

What do you think of the outfit???

Yay or nay?

Let me hear your thoughts=D

That is all for now


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