Tuesday, 23 July 2013

High Tea @ Majestic Hotel KL

During the weekend, my dear dad took 
me and my sister to have high tea at 
Majestic Hotel KL

Credits: expatriateabroad.blogspot.com 
He wanted us to have a lovely posh English experience 
to celebrate my sister's 20th birthday
So sweet right=D

The Majestic Hotel is absolutely beautiful!
 Everything looks so classy.
It is everything you would expect from a high class hotel=D

We had High Tea at the Colonial Cafe

 Just look at the lovely spread!

I love the display of the food.
I must say the food tower is nice
Don't you think?

They have the sweet as well as savory pastries
Which I found interesting 
because many high teas' that I have been to
do not come with savory treats

Every high tea must have --- Scones!

I love their scones!
It's really yummy.
Although, I have to say that their scones are more on the 
denser side rather than the light and fluffy.
So, 2 scones is actually really filling.
*They serve 2 scones per person *

 To go together with the scones are
Strawberry Jam and Cold Cream

A lovely combination 
Strawberry jam is not too sweet and the cream enhances the entire flavor.

 The spread also consist of 
Salmon, Tuna and Pate sandwiches 
Various fruit tarts and mini cheesecakes 
Mini cupcake with peanut butter icing and kaya filling

 Here are the savory pastries 
It is served with plum sauce and tartar sauce (I think,not too sure)

What is high tea without the tea!

Tea is served with milk
with your choice of brown/white sugar or artificial sweetener  

 Me and dad
Busy chomping down the food

Hmm...Which one should I tackle next???

So many choices!!!

 Me and the Boss man

Boss Man with the princess for the day--- My sister!

Here are some pictures of the cafe from where we were seated

They even have a live piano music performance for us=D

This is their Orchid Conservatory 
You can opt to have your tea in this room too if you like
But there is an additional charge of 
RM40 per person just to have you tea inside  

If you have extra cash to spare, why not=p

Credits: www.majestickl.com
A clearer view of the place

 Last view of the food=D

Do call and make prior reservations 
as the place is often quite packed 

High Tea Price: RM48+++ per person 
Time: 3pm-6pm
The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : +603 2785 8000
Fax : +603 2785 8080


All in all, it was quite the pleasant experience.


My sister is my MOST favorite person in the world

She is 

My Best Friend
Who is always there for me no matter how horribly annoying I become

My Shopping Partner
I can always count on her to be honest with me plus she can tolerate my indecisiveness
And Boy...am i indecisive
My Compass 
She is always there to set me back onto the right track whenever I get lost
Even if it meant getting into a big fight with me 
and not talking for days

My Confidant
  Who I can tell me deepest darkest secrets and thoughts

Thank you for being there for me through all the thick and thin 
and for putting up with all my nonsenses 

Time really flies and you are no more the little girl in this picture

My sister...Me...My brother
When we were tiny

You have matured so fast, 
not only physically but mentally and emotionally 
(Hopefully spiritually too=p)

Happy 20th Birthday 
once again my dearest sister!

Sister Power!
Go check my sis out at Original Ker Chi 


Want to treat yourself to some high tea?

Go give Majestic High tea a try ya=D

You worked so hard, you deserve a little treat...

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Remember to smile and have a wonderful day!

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