Saturday, 29 June 2013

Simpson's Bandwagon

Hello Everyone!!!

Finally time for an outfit post. 
It's been a while...

The Simpson's fashion has been all the hype lately.
So many different Simpson's outfit inspiration has been up posted up on Instagram.  

And, I couldn't stop myself from getting influenced=p

I jumped on the Simpson's Bandwagon.
**I couldn't resist...Too cute**

Did you know that...

The Simpson's is the longest running adult animation with a record of 24 SEASONS!!!


I use to watch a lot of Simpsons when i was younger 
but then i stopped.
Mum must have stopped us cuz of the adult content
*Where's the fun without some x-rated stuff=p* 

Funny that Maggie the baby never Grows...
Not even the slightest for 24 years!

Back to the outfit for the day

Here I am getting all Simpson's influenced.

Well to me,
Fashion is partly inspiration from others,
what makes you special and different from others
is simple your own character and that will show in you dressing...

Then again...
That is in my opinion=D

Hello Hello=D

Side view

From the back

 Bart Simpson's Shirt | Romwe

My dear Malaysians, you can also get this shirt from On.The.Button
It's quite reasonable=D

Black Crop Top | H&M

Got it for only RM19.90...

 Leather High-waisted Skirt | Forever 21

I got this skirt as a birthday gift from my good friend Wuei Ging.
She gave me a RM100 voucher to shop at Forever21.
But...It was kinda a recycled present
*Heart sank tweeney bit=p*

Coincidentally I was looking for a leather shirt and i found the perfect one there!!! 
I was and still am grateful for the gift=D
Thank you wuei ging.

End of June
Where did my whole June gone to?
Time flying.

Enjoy the last few days of June 
And welcome July with a fresh and positive attitude!

Till the next post.

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