Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Oversized Tee

Another Year...
Another Month...
Another Day...

I am just bewildered by the speed that time is moving!
Don't you think so?

We are now halfway through June already

How i wish i have the power to travel back in time
That would be great no?
  Like Hiro Nakamura in Heroes

But there is no such thing like that
**Why...Oh Why not!!**

Credits: www.quickmeme.com

What we can do is make full use of the time that is given to us
To create something fruitful in our lives 

While we have to get out there to go work toward our goals
Never forget that appearances do matter=D

I know it does sounds a little superficial

But think of it this way
Dressing your best or dressing appropriately
can be seen as a form of respect for the person/group you are meeting
Whether it is for an interview or simply to catch up

People will be able to feel appreciated 
because you actually took the extra time to 
dress up for them, so to speak=P 

With that, here is an outfit post.

Black Oversized Tee | ZARA
Printed Leggings | COTTON ON
Spike Loafers | China
Cat Ears Bowler Hat | Glitz and Glitterz

Go visit Glitz and Glitterz for some interesting items
They selling awesome sunglasses at a reasonable price now=D

Have a fruitful week everyone!

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