Thursday, 30 May 2013

Threading @ Blink Treading & Waxing Studio, Publika

I am back
Miss me?

Today I want to talk about treading.
Specifically Eyebrows treading.

What is eyebrow treading?

I will show you all for the benefit of those who don't know what it is=D


Eyebrows treading is basically the shaping of eyebrows using tread that is twisted and then rolled over unwanted hairs around the eyebrows.
It is a more precise method of shaping your eyebrows.

 For 1st timers

What to expect when going for threading? 

1. It will be a tiny bit painful
It is sort of like prickling pain
The pain only last a while
The pain varies from one to another but it will be a 
tiny tiny bit uncomfortable the 1st timers

But for beauty, we can handle it just fine, right girls?=p 

2. There will be slight redness
Usually after threading, 
there will be redness of the skin around the area where threading was done 
No worries it last for a little while 

Word of advise: 
Don't do treading right before you go meet someone
They won't be able to stop staring at your red sore brows
Trust me i speak from experience=p

3. Don't apply anything after treading
 This is because the pores around that area are still open from the treading,
applying products might invite bacterias.
Wait for 1 or 2 hours before applying=D

4. It is very fast process
It typically between 10-15 minutes for the whole process to be done

5. You will need to participate
Yes, you will be involved in the process of beautifying your brows.
You will be required to stretch the skin surrounding your eyebrows
Somewhat stretching your eye lids down 
while stretching the skin above you eyebrows upwards

Something like how i am doing 
Sorry it is not that clear.

6. Pricing
You will be glad to hear that it is relatively cheap to get threading done
Treading for only your brows 
usually cost RM 7- RM 10, 
depending on the place you go to

7. Treading can be done anywhere
Well as long as the place has hair=p

Besides the eyebrows, people usually do treading to remove the upper lip hair

 Now you don't want a mini mustache growning now do you?
If you dont have much facial hair,
i won't recommend doing treading there
but if you have a lot and it is pretty visible
Maybe you can give treading a try

Treading on upper lip is painfullll!
Its first time is the worst but you will get use to it=D

 Getting my upper lip done

That is all you need to know
and you are all set to go get lovely brows=D


Recently, I went to a new place to do my treading because 
the usual place I use to go has not been doing a good job

My friend recommended I try this place at Publika 

Treading and Waxing Studio

The place is very nice and cozy 

 This is how the process will go
1st you lie there and the wonderful ladies will work their magic

 Then when they ask for your help to stretch you lids
You stretch them

Here are some before and after photos

Notice how tidy my brows are after treading

As you can see, there will be a slight redness after the session.

I would definitely recommend you all to try
at Publika

The service is good and they are surprisingly gentle when treading
I didn't feel much discomfort. 

Look them up the next time you are at Publika
Outlet Name: Blink Treading & Waxing Studio
Lot No.: UG- 71
Level: UG
Contact No.: 010-2876276


Some photos of my outfit to end the post

White Sheer Top | COTTON ON
Leather Leggings | H&M
Wedges | Vincci
Clutch | Vintage
Watch | DKNY
Gold Bangle | MANGO 

It really isn't easier taking photos like this
Look at my frustrated face

That's it for today
Be good now=P

Remember to treat your eyebrows to a little trim this weekend=D

What do you think of the post?
Like it?

If Yes
Do share=D

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