Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Street Wear

Heloooo again...

Happy Labour Day!
To all you hard workers out there
Hoped you all enjoyed the 1-day holiday dedicated to you all 
**One day is hardly enough, sleep probably taken half of your holiday right but 1-day better than no days=p**

So, lately I wanted to get in touch with my inner rapper self
You know with me and my braces 
I could be the next female asian Lil Jon...Yo..Yo.. 
*I really put the L in Lame*   

Tried rapping---> Epic failed!
You do not want to be caught listening to me rap
I think your ears might just fall off

So, instead of rapping
I decided to put together my version of the street wear style
**Cuz this is the closest Yo.. look i could work=p** 

 I hardly go with this style, so this is kinda new to me

 I was a little skeptical about this dress at first
Cuz the dress is a shy away from looking like pajamas=p
But it turned out ok right? right?
Please say yes
 **Puppy Eyes**


Dress | H&M
 It's on sale, only RM39
I bought it at the Paradigm outlet recently, maybe you can still find it there=p

Spike Necklace | Accessory Vendor 
Got it at a vendor at USJ 19 Digital Mall

Sneakers | PUMA
I bought these sneakers for ONLY RM39!!!

Now for a slight digression 

I bought my sneakers from an off season warehouse sale 
It is inside 2nd floor
Pearl Point Shopping center 
Old Klang Road

Here are some of the things that me and my sister got

If you don't mind getting off season collection
this would be a good place to shop
Cuz exercise wear is way expensive 
Why not save a little=)

 If you guys know me and my sis,
we are a couple of exercise junkies!
We workout almost everyday 
Have to work that booty y'all


Because Skinny is just too mainstream!

Move aside you skinny girls
Being fit is the new thing=D

Don't go stave yourself darlings, it's not the way
Eat healthy and stay fit=D 

 Now back to the outfit

A salute to you all hard workers!
 I was so not ready in the left photo=P
Looks like i am having constipation

 So, what do you think of this outfit?

Is it a Yay or Nay?

Tell me what you think=D

    So this is me trying to some cool rapper moves

Hope you enjoyed the post

Do like or share it with your friends=D

Let's all have a great month of May 
Remember to keep your smile=)
*Think of my silly rapper dance moves and you will smile=p*    


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