Saturday, 25 May 2013

Shopping at Warehouse Sales

Hello..I am back=D
Finally get the time to post an update.

I think it's obvious that one of my hobbies includes shopping...
Like duh...I post outfits photos=p

I think shopping calms the soul

It brings such joy when you get your hands on that beautiful piece
And that it flatters your body...Making you uber slim **Thats what we ALL go for=p**

The joy and satisfaction doubles, even triples, if you got your item at a bargain! 
Am i right or am i right???

Since I am still a student, I don't get the luxury of a fatty paycheck every month
**Yes, i know you all work hard for the pay check=p**
So, I always have a look out for good deals 
Like warehouse sales=D

However, shopping at warehouse sales are not without it's inconveniences
 No dressing rooms
 No mirrors (maybe 1 or 2 miserable ones)
 Tons of people
 Messy piles of clothes 
But, people (like me) will put up with all of it just to get a bargain=p

Here are some tips when going shopping warehouse sales

1. Dressing 

Your dressing when going to a warehouse sale is important
Because warehouse sales usually don't have dressing rooms or the line to it will be ridiculously looong...

*Attire suggestion*

Leggings are great because it is thin and body hugging, 
thus making trying on clothes like pants easier=D

Dresses are great too, especially full skirt or sun dresses
This will allow you to try bottoms easily
Plus, dresses with non bulky tops will make trying tops easier too.

Singlet with lose skirt/ short tights
Alternatively, for you girls that love singlets, pair it with lose skirt or short tights 
So you can try go crazy trying clothes.

Now, with a carefully picked outfit, who needs the dressing room=p

2. Small Purses

Bring small purses or sling bags there 
So your hands will be free to shop

3. Be Early 

Be early so you won't missed the good deals and also skip the crowd
However, sometimes other people are as crazy about the sale that they come extra earlier
If you cant stand crowds, i would suggest going maybe 2-3hrs before closing=D

4. Shopping Partner

Having a shopping partner to these warehouse sales can be helpful 
because of the lack of mirrors, another set of eyes can be great=D
But please be merciful and don't bring along your friends/boyfriends that hates shopping
it can be a torture to them

That's why i either go shopping alone or with my sister 
because she is the only one that can stand my annoying shopping habits=p

5. Patience 
Shopping at warehouse sales requires lots and lots of patience 
from finding clothes from the piles and piles of clothes to waiting to pay at the counter

Be patience 
Shop slowly
And try not to b*tch stare the girl that is eying the same dress as you=p

6. Don't have High Expectation
Not to be a buzz kill but sometimes at these warehouse sales
 you might not get what you like
Sometimes you might end up going home empty handed 
which is sucky i know
The trick is not to put such high expectation and just enjoy yourself=)

7. Don't Impulse Buy

This is probably the most important part of the whole shopping experience.

Don't buy on impulse.

I know it is sometime soooo difficult.
 Those darn marketers making us empty our pockets and drain our bank accounts!

I have to admit i do fall prey to all those marketing ploys 
(so much for being a psych student..heh)
I get all seduce by the promise of cheaper/ discounted price tags 
and end up buying stuff i don't use

But i am training my impulse control
I stop...
I think...
I decide...
(is it worth it? will you use it? do you look fat it in?=p)
I buy...


Don't buy it if you are not going to use it
Sales will come back
(Heck, it's almost all year round in M'sia) 
if you don't get it this time you can always get it next time=D 

**With all these tips, you will be prepared to do some serious shopping=D**

Speaking of which, I did some warehouse shopping today 
My warehouse sale haul! All items are from ZARA
I went crazy at the shoe section=p
Shoes RM69.90 per pair

There is Zara warehouse sale at Pearl Point Shopping Center
Opening time 11am to 8pm
Tomorrow is the last day
If you are not doing anything tomorrow, do drop by for some serious shopping

I only manage to take a picture of the shoe section

The sale is quite worth it. 
Tops are from RM 9.90 onwards
Skirts are mostly RM29.90
Pants are from RM29.90 onwards
Outerwear are from RM49.90 onwards

For daily updates on the coming warehouse sales or any shopping deals
I recommend you all to visit
The website gives frequent updates on many different deals all under one roof

Ladies and Gentlemen
Go crazy shopping=D

** I am officially broke now T.T**

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