Monday, 27 May 2013

Leather Leggings Combo

Hello Y'all!
How have you been?

Time is passing at lightening speed 
I remember the 1st of Jan like it was yesterday and now it's already the end of May
Time where you go...

If you haven't started on your new years resolution
It's time to get your butts moving=p
Well that includes me

Finally, i get to do an outfit post today.

 A very simple and comfortable combo which is perfect to go about your daily activities
Need something comfortable, especially in this hot weather!

BAD Long Tee | MANGO

Leather Leggings | H&M

Folded the leggings up to give my shoes more show time=p

Hmm...This pic is kinda wrong no? 
Not that i am suggesting anything.
I am not that Bad a girl

 Loafer Flats | ZARA

Cat Ears Bowler | Glitz and Glitterz

They have loads of awesome goodies at affordable prices!
Go visit them today.

I got my hat for only RM30 
Other places sell it at ridiculous prices
Quick go grab them now!

Another view

Don't i look like i am going to dance?
Hats ready!



Hope May was great for all of you
If not
I am pretty sure June will be awesome

Let's keep an open mind
Welcome June=D

Like my post
Share it=D

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