Friday, 10 May 2013

Bright Colors

Hello everyone!!!

How are you Malaysian recovering from our 13th General Election?

News of the elections have been flooding my Facebook home page 
This has never happened
Not at this magnitude!

I know everyone is so angry and disappointed at the election results
Because there were dirty dirty election tactic used

But, despite all that 
I think Malaysia has never been more united!

Now this is what you call ONE MALAYSIA!
credits: 五月五,换政府 facebook   

 Just look at the massive crowd that assembled at Kelana Jaya stadium!!!
People of all races all gathered at one place to show 
their support for the Opposition! #ubah

Neither the rain nor the massive (x100) jam 
were going to stop Malaysians that night!

I so regretted not going=(

My dad did. 
So i guess he represented our family. Hah!  
People who were dissatisfied with the election results were asked to wear black

So, here is my version=D

   Now, nobody said anything about wearing all black right?=p

Here we have ---> The Casual Look

Splash of colors to brighten up any day!

Black Lycra Tee | Random vendor
Chiffon Skirt | Brands Outlet  
Spike Necklace | Accessory Vendor, USJ 19 Mall 
Watch | DKNY
Shoes | PUMA

Pretending to be a fabulous
*Epic fail*

Who says you can't mixed girly with sporty
Here is the whole outfit
A simple mixture of femininity and edginess
Hold on. We can't just stop at one outfit combo=p   

Now we have ---> The Formal Look 

Formal work wear don't always have to be in all those dull colors
Add some colors and bring some excitement to your wardrobe 

Linen Blazer | Uniqlo

 White Top | Uniqlo
Skirt | Brands Outlet 
Shoes | Eclipse

Ooo...I wanna fly
*Lame-ness cant seem to escape me

 Shopping Tip
I bought this skirt from Brand Outlet for ONLY RM19.90

I fell in love with the color the very 1st time I saw it 
but I was kinda broke at that time so i didn't buy it
Lucky i didn't
I got it at an awesome sale price

They have other beautiful colors too
Go check it out!

Here the 2nd outfit combo
No more boring mute/dark colored office wear!

Hope I managed to give you some ideas to mix and match your clothing=)


Malaysian don't give up hope!

Change has already begun!

Even though, the government is still the same but 
Malaysian, have shown the CHANGE
by standing up and uniting together to work toward achieving a better country

If we don't get better changes this time 
The government better watch out
Cuz come next election
We, Young people will be waiting

Nobody can stop us then!

 Let us strive for a better future

Malaysia Boleh!

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