Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gay Actors' Allure

There is something people should know about me.
I have a brutal addiction.
It is so bad, it might one day consume me.
I am a self-confessed TV addict.

Ok. Drama much! Hahaha!

That is probably what I'll say if my "addiction" got so serious, I needed to go to a support group. Haha!

One of my favorite pass time, probably MY FAVORITE, is watching TV programs, especially TV series.
I love watching them. I can spends hours at a time...watching and watching...
Makes me wonder how death by TV watching is going to be like?

Anyway, I am currently watching Heroes.
I was asked to watched it a while back but because the show got canceled, i was reluctant to
But then i ran out of things to watch and so...
TV marathon began again=p 

I have this habit of reading up on all the main cast of any show i watch (stalker mode on!)
I will read and find out what sort of shows/movies they acted in and
Ooo...who their spouses/bf/gf's are...
*Extreme stalker on the lose*

So, today I will talk about some of my fav TV stars=D

1. Zachary Quinto


Isn't he just uber good looking! His eyebrows are to die for! Can't take my eyes off em'
They are just perfect no??? hahaha!

Absolutely love him on Heroes.
Although he plays the villain in the series, his character also portray this innocent, pure and good side, which makes it hard for me to not like his character.

He also plays the ever popular Spock in the Star Trek movie franchise.
I love his acting in the recent Star Trek,
it was great the way he portrayed Spock, the logical and emotionless Vulcan, 
struggling to contain his emotions in order to not hurt

He is a great actor in my book
But darlings, so sorry to disappoint you all...
He is Gay.

2. Jim Parson

Jim Parson, as everyone knows, plays the annoyingly narcissistic professor,
Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

Gosh, if you have not heard of The Big Bang Theory 
(which planet are you from seriously?)

I would definitely recommend you all watching this series, if you like some comedy
The show really gets better and better starting from season 2
I guarantee you will laugh your socks off.

Jim Parson is a very talented actor.
He is extremely hilarious.
He deserved the Emmy and Golden Globe wins!

And once again
He is also Gay

3. Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer! Exploding sexiness no? 
Extremely good-looking. His piercing blue eyes and that smile is mesmerizing...

Ok. Stop. Back to reality. 

So, I first saw Matt Bomer in action on a famous series, White Collar.
It is about a famous con artist/forger turned FBI consultant
The series is pretty entertaining. Then again, aren't all police shows=p

You can see Matt Bomer in the movie Magic Mike (i haven't got the chance to watch it yet 
There are also talks that he may be cast in the 50 shades of Grey movie
You people who read the book must be like Omg, Yeah! There's going to be a movie!

Like you all probably guessed
He is gay.
*Darn. it.*  
4. Shaun T

Ok...This is a slight digression from actors but Shaun T is on TV all the time=D

Shaun T is someone i deeply am grateful for! 
The creator of Insanity exercise program
It is an intensive cardio workout program that does wonders!
I lost about 10kgs...hehehe...
But you really have to work man...Nothing comes easy.

Yes ladies,
He is gay and married=D
Super happy for him! 
5. Neil Patrick Harris


Everybody knows Neil Patrick Harris right?

If you don't, I have no words...
*Dude have you been in a hole all this while? hahaha!*

Neil Patick Harris starred in numerous productions 
but he is probably most famously know as
The Legendary, Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother.

He is another talented actor with numerous awards under his belt.

And, this I think you all know
Neil Patrick Harris is Gay and proud=D  

Many good actors now are gays
This brings me to the conclusion that 

Gay Actors = Great Actors

I think there might be some truth in that
Because they are wired differently then the general populatio
They might feel the need to strive harder to achieve success 
to show the world they are as good or better!
Anyhow that's my opinion=D

I feel all of us should be happy and accept ourselves for who we are
Embrace Yourself. The whole You.
Don't let others dictate how you should live your life
You, yourself must know what is right and wrong for yourself
After all, we are the ones living our own lives, not the others=D

So, stop being sad and start being awesome instead! ---Barney Stinson

If you are wondering about my take on gays

I think EVERYONE deserves the chance to be happy or miserable. hahaha!!! 
I salute all those who daringly came out, it must have took lots of courage to do so and I wish every happiness for you all=D

P/S: If you are bored and have nothing to watch...
       Ahem...Only for 18 yrs and above ya... 

I would definitly recommend ' I Love You Philip Morris' 
It's a true story about the love of two gay prisoners 
*a gay movie recommendation since we are on the topic=p*

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor really are great actors!
They really portrayed the strong love the two individuals had for each other
The movie made me cry
It was touching. Truly. 

Be Good
Be Happy

Have a Legendary Week Y'all 


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