Thursday, 9 May 2013

Anger. The Deadly Emotion.

I talked about smiling and being positive in my previous post
but you and I know that it is not always that easy to maintain that happy side of ourselves all the time, right?

Sometimes, it is like people around you are ganging up on you, 
trying to sabotage your beautiful day, no?
Anyone ever felt like that?

Sucks when i get sucked in and get angry.
Even though, I regard myself as a cheerful person (I hope that's what you all think=p)
I do go through my down periods too
I am, after all, Human

I have some friends coming up to me and say  
"Ker yi, do you EVER get angry?"
"Do you ever get mad at anyone?" 
Many people, well most people, have not had the "privilege" of seeing me angry
Trust me, it's my least flattering side
I am REALLY MEAN when I am angry 

If you really want to know how angry I can get,
my brother would probably be your best source=D 

My brother is the ONLY ONE that can unleash all the demons in me
He is, by far, the only person who can make me lose my mind

Otherwise, i am quite the tolerant type=p  
I think...Hahaa...  

I have a few different ways of showing my anger:

1. I scream like a mad woman! 

I literally scream at the top of my lungs, more like screeching

 Then there is some hair pulling, 
saliva spraying
(from the intense screaming..Eww..I know)

2. I get physical 

I start grabbing and throwing things at the source of my anger. Hahaha. 

Sometimes I pretend to know kung fu skills and start emulating the movies

Word of advise: Dont try it when ur opponent is so much bigger than you. Movies lie.

And i lost the fight **Cries**

3. The Silent Treatment

Personally, i think this is like the meanest way to show my anger to the other party
Somehow, i think girls like torturing guys like that, 
We want them to know what they did wrong rather than telling them
Maybe cuz we told you guys like a gazillion times and nothing seem to register

I used to be so mean and angry that i gave my brother the silent treatment for 1 month
An entire month
I was a mean kid=( 


I know it's hard to control it
But, anger really damages our body 

Anger causes us to GAIN WEIGHT!


Anger will increase our stress related hormones
The stress hormones will then increase our blood sugar level
Result: We want to eat More!   

 Anger can also lead to Heart Attacks!
Staying angry will cause Endothelin to form and that will trigger heart attacks
It will cause arteries to go 'Boom' 
Result: Blood clot formed---Heart Attack  

Source: Reader Digest Feb 2013 


What I do to stop being angry?

1. Breathe

I close my eyes, breathe in, out and count from 1 to 10
It does bring down the anger slightly but sometimes the anger will still linge

2. Work Out

Been doing more weights training recently rather than cardio

Breaking a sweat, is the best way i use to get rid of those residual anger

Why not give exercise a try guys=)
Get calmer and lose pounds
Doesn't that sound awesome=D  

3. Pamper oneself

Picture credits:

There is no therapy better than retail therapy

Credits to 

Go indulge yourself in some pampering with a mask or a massage=D 

I probably am less stressed out cuz i go to this relaxing place few times a week for free!
Ppl who know where the place is are probably nodding their heads.

4. Practice letting it go

They say woman hold grudges
I used to like ALOT
It was so tiring
Now every time i get angry, i try NOT to stay angry for so long
I learned, and still learning to let it go
I still get angry but my anger doesnt stay for long now =D

I actually time myself
 I will be like  
"Ahhhhhhh, why you nasty little @#$$%^&*"
.......complain complain complain....... 

Ok, times up... calm down now...
Breathe in and let the anger go 

Nothing is ever easy but nothing is ever impossible too

High time we trade our nasty anger for the wonderful Happy emotions=D

Nothing comes easy, so get to work people 

Happiness requires some hard work too=D

But it will be worth it. 

 This is how we show our love~~~
Like it?

Do share=D

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