Friday, 26 April 2013

The Sweet Escape

Hello everyone=D

How is April so far? 
I am sure it was an awesome few weeks for all of you right? right? 

Ahhh...If April has not been good...
Don't worry...
Everything is going to be alright
Real soon=D  

There are always Ups and Downs in life...
Everyone goes through the Downs in life, so really we are not that special=p 

So we all have to quit whining about the difficulties cuz
someone else is definitely having a tougher time than we are
Correct or not?

Gotta appreciate all that we have! Yay=D

Time for an outfit post...Finally=D
(Ahhh... How i appreciate clothes...)

This time I brought out my inner sweetness (perasan yo!=p) 
with a sweet simple combo

Pink Pink Pink 
The Ultimate girl color! 

Ladies, do try some nude colored shoes 
It helps us look kinda taller...
Now...Who doesnt like that=p

For the benefit of those who would like a closer look
The top is a actually a slightly darker shade of pink
Here the light is too bright..

 What am i doing here? 
New Taichi move?

 Top | Times Square
Sheer Beaded Skirt | Forever21
Shoes | Eclipse
Bag | Gucci medium Boston
Flower Hair Pin | Diva

 **Cuteness overload!**
What do think of the outfit?

Yay? Nay?

Tell me what you think ya=D

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