Friday, 12 April 2013

The Golden Affair

Time for an update 

Finally got my lazy self to dress up
i am such a lazy bum, if i can i will just watch TV all day
Bad example---DO NOT FOLLOW=P 

Boys it takes LOADS of efforts to dress up and look decent 

So, next time you go out with your girl,
Take some time to notice the changes she made 
Shower her with compliments
*Must be genuine la, we know if you guys are lying, its's a skill we girls are born with=p*

It doesn't cost you anything to say something nice
I guarantee your date will go Awesome!
unless you mess up along the way laa
That one i cannot help=p    

So, today i went all Golden baby!

I think by now all of you know i have a weakness for gold and shiny things
Ohhhh...I so do...
 **Shine bright like a diamond--i just had to say it**

But, i somehow am not attracted to the real gold stuff that cost sh*it loads of money
**Phew~~Thank God**    
All costume jewelery for me=D

 Finally i got the chance to wear my super gold blazer!
*Is it too shiny that it is hurting ur eyes? Lame, i know=p*

 Gold Blazer | Mango
The moment i laid eyes on it, i knew i just had to get it 
I am sure you shopaholic girls know what i mean
I got it for RM99 during a sale

I love this dress. It is short in front and it slowly gets longer behind
 (Too bad it is not so clear here)
Bum Bums are well protected
We shall not tempt them perverts=p 

 Black Dress | H&M
Only RM39.90
Go Grab it  
Boots | Forever 21

Gold Chain | H&M 
For a casual day out
lose the blazer and slip on a pair of slippers and you are good to go!
**OMG! Get away you...Get away Snail!**
That's my semi Eww face. Hah!

In the effort of appreciating those around us
(like I talked about in my previous post, if u are lost=p)

Give people compliments
Genuine compliments pls!

If you think your friend looks good or achieved something
Give them a compliment
Although, i am not too sure how it will sound if a guy compliments his guy frens about his looks=p

Let's spread good positive compliments to those around us
Why would you not compliment
They are freeee after all=D

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