Monday, 29 April 2013

Smiling. The Fountain of Youth?

We are coming to the end of a wonderful April 
Going into an exciting month of May!
Yes it will be an exciting start to the month for us Malaysian.
It's election time!!!
Many people say this election may mark a change in history for our country.
We shall hope for the best=D

For those of you, who have not registered yourself or don't know how to
Go check my post: Do you not love your country to find out more=D

For those who have registered, Go vote! Get your butt moving!
Time to make history...**Applause**

Coming into the topic for today


Did you know that it only takes 13 muscles to smile and 50 muscles to frown!
Well, that is according to a 1931 book. Check it out here 

It has not been confirmed exactly how many muscles we use to smile/frown 
It has remain clear from all the different claims that 
SMILING do indeed requires LESS muscles than frowning.

Being the happy smiling person that I am
**Grinning from ear to ear**

This is what i do every morning

 I wake up and pull my sleepy self to the bathroom 
And i look at myself in the mirror

And BOOM! 
I immediately smile at my own reflection
It's little creepy but trust me it perky you up in the morning
Really...It does=D

 And then
(This here is a lil narcissistic and self absorb=P)

I talk to myself.
Yes. I do that. 
I monologue like A LOT 
I am borderline weird=p  
*Shy Shy*

I go like 
"Ker yi, you are going to have an awesome day!"
"You will conquer them all"  

This is what i do every morning  
I find it to be a simple and therapeutic way to kick start my day!


I think people need to give themselves more encouragement/motivation 

---Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can do this!---

Don't always focus on the bad stuff, embrace the WHOLE you 
Flaws are what makes you unique from others=D

Smiling doesn't just use less muscle 

It makes you look YOUNGER and more ATTRACTIVE!!!   
***Move aside botox. We are maintaining our youth the natural way=p***

  • Smiling lifts your face muscle, making you look YOUNGER
          Natural Face lift y'all 

  • Smiling = Change mood to Happy = Less wrinkles = YOUNGER
         Conclusion: Smiling makes you younger=D
  • Smiling generally attracts people. People love to see other people smile!   
Probably that's why ppl are always drawn to babies
They are always smiling  
Well, except when they are hungry, pooped or nap deprived=p

So, start smiling more today! With all the lovely benefits, what is there to consider!

Ladies time to look fabulous with your sweet smile
Guys put on your charming smiles, no girl (or guy=p) could resist you then!

Here is a simple outfit to end the post

 Now, doesn't the skirt look familiar? 
I wore this skirt too in my previous outfit post, which has a feminine touch to it
Check it out if you haven't: The sweet escape 

 Here is a more casual outfit pairing 

Crop top | No brand
Bought it at 6th floor of Sg.Wang---only rm10! 

 Skirt | Forever 21
Stud Bag | China
Shoes | Adidas Sleek Series


 Spread you smiles today!

Your smile might just brighten someone else's day!

A smile will turn a good day into a GREAT day!

 So go infect people with the SMILE virus NOW!

Have I infected you???

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