Thursday, 18 April 2013

Saving the Earth from Your Home

Did you know that  
over 75% of waste is recyclable, but we only recycle about 30% of it?

Are you playing me? 
You *#&$ KIDDING me!!!

Apparently not.

 Cigarette butts and filters: 12 years to biodegrade
An aluminum: 200 to 500 years to biodegrade
Plastic, diapers and sanitary pads: 500-800 years to biodegrade
Styrofoam: >5,000 years to biodegrade
Glass bottle: 1 million years to biodegrade
What have i been throwing away!

For the sanitary pads, how la we wanna reduce?
Do they like sell reusable pads? 
 Reusable pads sound a bit icky=p
 (You girls will know what i mean, Boys jz imagine=p)

But i am open to suggestion, if you have any let me know=D

The facts are shocking!
While doing some research for this post, 
i was so shock to read about so many horrifying facts about the wastage we all create

I know in Malaysia 
our recycling habits are not well known
Not like in Japan...
Ahhh...Every where there are proper recycling bins
And people actually throw ACCORDING to the bins provided
Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere no?
We can do our part to help the environment too
even if it is just something small
Everything starts from something small? =D

What can we do to help the environment?

Some of you might be thinking 
"I know we need to save the environment but OMG it is so troublesome,  
nevermind la a piece of paper won't hurt that much"

But like the Malay saying goes
"Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit" 
 (Translate: Small amounts will slowly form a mountain)

We all should start this habit somewhere we all feel comfortable 
We should all start from 


Here are a few things simple things that I do at home

1. Recycle

  • Paper and Newspaper 
 (Picture credits to and
 My dad recycled all our newspaper before i got a chance to take a picture

Now i am sure if you all order/buy newspapers you would definitely have a little corner in your house dedicated to stake those newspapers up for recycling.
Make sure you recycle all the papers you have at home as well ya=D

 "Recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution than if it was made from raw materials"

  • Aluminum Cans  
My family and I don't drink much out of cans but if you do, do recycle them.
" 1 aluminum can produces energy to power the TV for 3 hours!"
  • Glass and Plastic bottles

At home, my family and i started a little corner to 
collect all our used glass and plastic bottles. 
We were fortunate to get another dustbin courtesy of DBKL=D

"Glass is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again"
 "Most families throw away about 40kg of plastic per year"
Go to Alam Flora website to get the list of recycling centers 
around KL and PJ areas

2. Re-wear
  • Wore it once? Wear it again
Now, doesnt this look familiar?
Click Here 
To know more about the look=p
I haven't wash the tops since the last time i took picture of it
I can just imagine you ppl's faces going 

Ewww...Ker yi i can't believe you do that!
You soo dirty!

In my defense, i really did ONLY wore it for a few hours and it was still clean like=p

This is my overflowing clothes rack, where I hang my clothes so i can re-wear them 

You don't have to wash your clothes if u wore it for just a SHORT while
Unless you sweat like uber lots 
*pls wash if you do, u wont want ppl to faint*  

Re-wearing clothes will result in less water and energy used to wash your clothes 
And, can u just imagine the lesser amount of folding and ironing you will have
*Maybe you ppl are just pampered with ur mommy and maids who do it for you*  

  • Off switches
Spot the differences???
If you don't, i strongly suggest u visit the eye doctor like ASAP!

At home, i always make sure i off the switch after i am done using.

If it isn't switch off, electricity power is still being generated.
Even if your electrical device is not on, there is energy generated 
It is call standby power. 
So, at home, we actually switched off the main switch that powers the TV and other devices like the oven etc...
*Pic of me switching off the switch...Lame right=p* 

So, if you are not using the device, do switch it off.
It is just a simple press of a button and you can save energy! 

4. Running water
 Do you let the water run when you brush your teeth???

You shouldn't 

Always off the tap when you are
 Brushing your teeth 
Putting shampoo on your hair
Scrubbing your face

After you are done with all that, on the tap again to wash
There you save water little by little=D
Here are just 4 simple things that I do at home that may help the environment 
You can do it too

Just imagine if ALL OF US do it together, the impact will be great! 

Now...You wouldnt want to go against them   

Before i end,
Since everyone is crazy about Gwiyomi 

I decided to challenge myself to it

No.3 onward were lost in the process
It was ban for being overly goosebumps standing cuteness!

Fast forward to  

Ahhh...Cute never my strong point...
Shall leave that to those Japanese/Korean girls=D

Conclusion: Gwiyomi Challenge FAIL 



Do your part to contribute
Every little bit counts.

Lets do it together


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