Friday, 5 April 2013

Recycle and get Paid by H&M!

H&M pays us for Recycling! 

Say what??!!

Yes, it is true darlings!
If you all don't already know this

H&M rewards us for recycling any old, torn or something absolutely out of style!

Well, they are not exactly going to pay us CASH per say
They will give us a 15% discount coupon to purchase anything in H&M
(Not applicable discounted items la)  

Sorry i had to use some cheating tactic to lure you here to read=p
Guess it worked
if you are reading now 
*ngek ngek ngek=p* 

Being a shopaholic, i was totally ecstatic when i found out about this! 
Getting discounts to shop while saving our environment!

How AWESOME is that!

Did you know that every year tons and tons of textile end up as garbage but in reality 95% of these textiles can actually be used again!

So, H&M is becoming one of the pioneers in helping to save our environment while bringing us the latest fashion trends

They even explained how their recycling system will work 

Here are the steps to ensure you getting your well deserve discount

1. Pick out and pack the clothes that you want don't/can't wear anymore
- Pack your clothes in any bag other than H&M plastic bags(not sure why)
- One person is only allowed to bring in 2 bags of clothes PER day
- Bag of clothes can be of any size  

2. Go to the nearest H&M
- Both Lot 10 and Paradigm Mall will accept your clothes
Not sure whether the H&M near you is doing this?
Go visit their website to find out more ya

3. Go to their counter and ask the staff about donating clothes
- The staff are all really nice and are willing to accept the clothes 
(so, don't be shy when you are there) 

4. Collect your discount vouchers
- The 15% discount voucer is only for you to purchase 1 item
- One voucher to be redeem one at a time   

That's it. You now get additional discount=D
Awww Yeah!
This is the box that they use to collect all the use clothes

My outfit for the day

 Today's outfit was so inline with the Go Green theme

Snapback Cap | CDF
Green Crop Blazer | Cotton On

 White Top | Forever 21

Jeans Jegging | F&F
You can find F&F at any Tesco outlet. And, yes i buy clothes at Tesco.
You don't need to be wearing all branded stuff.
Brand isn't everything=p 

Spike Shoes | From China 
I am always finding ways for me to do my part to save the environment
Mother nature has done so much for us, dont yo think so?

High time for us to do our little part to ensure that this beautiful planet will continue to remain for us to stay in no?
 Come on y'all!
Let us all do our part to save mother nature

Remember to Recycle, Reuse, Reduce    

Don't go crazy shopping ya=p



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