Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Being Thankful in Actions?

Bye Bye March. Now we have to welcome April.
Time passes so fast nowadays, don't you think so???
Even things that happened to me last year felt like it happened just yesterday.

Time waits for no man
Ahhh~~ How nice if i could turn back time or have powers to control time. 
That would be great. 
But no. I am no time lord=(

I still reminisce about things that i should have or shouldn't have done in the past.
Sometimes when i am driving alone, memories of the past just pop into my head and i go, 

"Why ker yi!! why did you do that or say that that time!" 
"Why were you so Dumb!"
"Omg! you just freaking embarrassed yourself" 
 **This line is usually said out loud while smacking myself on the head or the face. hah!**

People in opposite cars must have thought i am some crazy nut job with a seriously damaged childhood=p

Should have.. Should have.. Should have

What's the point of saying that when the moment has already passed? 
Cant do anything to change to past right?

Yet, i am sure most of you do think about the should haves

I for one am Guilty! =p 

Guilty Guilty Guilty  

So, to avoid having regrets, we should always grab every opportunity that comes our way and be grateful for everything that happens to us because we really don't know when we will get another chance to say thank you or to show our appreciation to those that matter to us. 
**While typing i am constantly reciting this to remind myself**

And here comes the question 

How do we show our appreciation?

"Aiyo, say thank you laaa"
"What more you want wo"

Some of us are probably thinking like that..
**come on now don't be shy**

No doubt,
saying thank you is the most essential part of being grateful, in my opinion.   


 Is simply saying thank you enough? 

Well, in my experience 
expressing our thanks in actions are the most impactful!

Actions speaks louder than words!

And here comes the following question

How can I show gratefulness in action???   
In my previous post about my father's birthday, i posted noobie pictures of my cleaning lady self right?

No idea what i am talking about??
**Why you all no read!!!**  
 Go see the pictures here Daddy's Birthday Celebration

 I really am thankful for all the things my dad does for me 
so, I make sure I say thank you every chance I get
and to show that I mean what I said 

I do the housework!
**with help from le sister!**
One small action i can do

but sometimes i lazy and things pile up too 
**i think my dad got fed up of reminding me. Oppsie!** 
Another thing that i offer gratitude for on a daily basis is

*Some random food pics..Oh my i am hungry just looking at them*

How do i show my gratitude for food?
I usually take a moment to look at my food.
Really look at it 
*With popping eye balls!* 
Even when my tummy is rumbling
I still look first
And i thank all those people who made so much effort to make my meal possible
(Like the farmers, transportation, the chef, etc..etc..) 
When i actually think about it
there are like a gazillion people involve in making my meal possible

After that
i do my best to finish all my food and not waste 
(Then again, i dont need much effort in that. I am toooo "wai sek"- Cantonese term for gluttony)

And ofcuz, I offer thanks after I filled my tummy with yummy food=D
*At that point, how can i not be thankful*  

There are sooooooo many things for us to be grateful for
I don't think this post has enough space for me to list down everything
Maybe i will share more next time=D 

The fact that I am able to open my eyes and be alive in the morning is something worth being grateful for 

How can i show that i am grateful for life??? 

I guess I would have to be good to myself and those around me
Constantly improve myself 
Spread joy and love to everyone  
And, not let petty little things ruin my jam
*Although, that is extremely difficult to do. One step at a time ya=p*

Appreciate what you all have
You will slowly become a happier person

Look at me 
Aren't I just the happiest person you have seen? 

Complaining will only bring you frustration and sadness
If you are not happy about something, do something about it 

Actions is always better

Let's all make April a wonderful month!

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