Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Tribal Print

Tribal printed clothing is all the craze now...It's everywhere! 

1st it was flora everything  now tribal prints has taken over!

I am quite the unadventurous person when it comes to clothing choices that are 
OVERLY exaggerated 
(i am a very shy person, so i don't go seeking for attention *hahahaha*)

However, this year 2013 
(it's going to be a magnificent year! i can just feel it!) 
one of my goals is to be more daring and to challenge myself
so i decided to jump onto the tribal bandwagon!

Behold the tribal power!

 So since i am trying printed pants for the first time, i opted for a darker color, so that i can get use to the idea of me in printed pants=D

 Pair any busy prints with simple tops, so that the pants can stand out.

So, here i paired the pants with a simple crop top, 
topped off with some accessories  
*gold accessories are essential=P*

  **Opps..did i drop something? look**

Wedge | Aldo 
(i bought it in Vietnam, it was on Sale, only RM 120)

 Top | H&M
Tribal Pants | H&M
(Pants bought for only RM 39.90!) 

**Tip: If u are rushing to H&M to get this uber cheap pants, 
do get the tighter size ya cuz this pants will get looser as u wear it.

So now i am left with a loose fitted pants 
*Maybe i lost weight??---Wishful thinking..Hah!*  

Layered Gold Necklace |  Forever21
Spike Bracelet | On9 shop

So, girls  
(Guys, if u want to try, no objections here=p)
Try some printed pants/leggings to jazz up your clothing collection

Be Adventurous! 
Be Daring!
Be Young! 

You might discover some of your hidden potentials!

Time for you all to shine baby!



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