Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Knitwear

Malaysia's weather is increasingly getting hotter and hotter no? 
Just the other day the temperature went up to an alarming 40 degree Celsius. 

It's Global warming I tell you!

Come on people love our planet!


I am sure you all love our planet so much and are already doing your part right...right...right?? 
**Sly smile**
Maybe next time i shall share some of my recycling practices  
then we can trade stories okay? 
 **Pinky Promise**  

Even with the intense weather, 
We shall not let it dampen our mood to dress up and look pretty 
 We will not let anything get in the way
**Sparta Growl**
(Drama much!!!)

So today's outfit post is all about knitwear
(Hot...I know's my way of telling the weather to "Bring it on" haha!!)

I absolutely love this knitted top
It is sorta at a length where it screams cuteness
(not sure how that works but yeah...Cuteness!)
Plus, the turtleneck hangs loosely so I can actually breathe

Knitted Top | Uniqlo 
(Was on sale, bought for only RM 24.90)

Paired this knitted top with a flare high waisted skirt

I usually don't pair loose tops with flare skirts cuz it always add bulk to my body but this is an exception 

Black Flare High Waisted Skirt | Forever21  

But i bought it from FOS, rejected goods=p
(No one would ever know the difference,  but i told u so it dont count)
I saw the exact same one at Forever21 shop 
Then i was like "Yes, ker yi" you lucky girl
(i am sure you know the feeling u get when u get a bargain)

Accessories for the night
Spike Ring | Sg. Wang
Claw Ring | Sg. Wang  
Bracelet| Tiffany and Co.

I wonder what i was thinking about...

Boots | Forever21 
(Was on sale too. Only RM100. Bought it cuz it was surprisingly comfortable)  

That's all for today folks

Have a great day 

Don't forget to smile!

Because your smile will lit up someone else's day

So don't be stingy!

(Did i see a smile there=D)


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