Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ending February with a Feast!

February was a blast!!! 

First there was the beginning of February. 

It was a new month, who doesn't love the beginning of a new month huh?

Those who are working would be trilled cuz they will be getting their monthly pay cheque!...Happy happy happy...

Second there was Chinese New Year!
**Super happy**

Maybe not so happy for those who are married and have to give unmarried ppl like me ang paos'... *ngek ngek ngek*

But it's once a year! The season of giving. 
Like they say " Give and you will be given". The more you give, much more will be returned to you! 
Wealth may come in many different forms, be it money, health, happiness, in the end, YOU will benefit no? hahahaa

So, for the next Chinese new year, remember to give us unmarried ppl more ya cuz u will be blessed with eternal wealth XD 
*Grooving to my self-choreograph wealth dance to bless you all*

Thirdly, I grew another year older!
* old dy loh ker yi ahhh*

A February and Valentine's baby. I would like to thank my mother for working extra hard to push this giant baby out of her huha. She was and still is the greatest mother i could ever hoped for. Thank you!

I'm telling you ppl, do not underestimate ur mother's powers,
I watched a delivery video, the pain was so real,
I kinda felt it down there too..Hehehe=p

So go hug ur mother and tell them you love them and try to give them less heart ache XD

How can we forget the father! 
Without my father, i most definitely will not be here too. 
We learn biology mahh.  

Thank you for always being there.
From the day i was born, when i took my 1st steps, my 1st fall, my 1st day at school, my 1st depression (it was SPM, so sad *cries*), till now.

Thank you both for making the person i am today.
I think they did a pretty good job, don't you think so??? 

You ppl reading this just love me don't you, you can go thank my parents for the awesome me *Ego growing so big going to explode*

Halia Buffet Dinner Overload

*Pic off the net, i didn't get a nice shot*

So, my friends love me so much, they had to bring me out for another round of birthday celebration on the last day of February.

They brought me to Sime Darby Convention Center. 

It is a very nice and quite place, it is a great place if u do not want to be jamming with others when you eat. The atmosphere is so relaxing that you can enjoy both the food and the company. Definitely recommended!

So, my friends took me to Halia restaurant. We had a superb BBQ buffet dinner!

  *Again pics off the net, little pixelated but you get the layout*

This is one of the best buffet i had. They had the whole lamb roasting away at the outdoor food area. 
If you are an avid lamb eater, i most definitely would recommend you to go for this buffet.
They also have a salad bar, Japanese cuisine, seafood, dessert that are awesomely yummy! 
 The giant prawns.
 My camera skills obviously failed

It was pretty good!

I didn't get a chance to take more pictures of the food, especially the lamb cuz i was sooooooooo hungry when i got there, I just had to satisfy my tummy after i laid my eyes on the lamb! 

It was love at 1st sight *Drama queen*

And, then now i regret not taking more pictures of the food to show you all.

Go give it a try ya. 
You can visit their website Sime Darby Convention for more info on prices and promotions

 Wuei Ging--- Crazy Lamb Fan

*She was as hungry as i was*
 Wuei Ging...Carrie...Phoebe...
Lovely company to top off an awesome meal

Phoebe and me
*Didn't manage to get a photo with the rest, we were busy chomping down food* 

What a way to wrap up an already awesome month!

These girls are awesome!!!

Thank you all Beautifulsss 

You all gave the an awesome 23rd Birthday
Who knew growing older could be so much fun=p

**OMG, they just raised the bar for their birthday celebration this year, i gotta deliver weiii, lucky their birthdays are months away**

Wait....Before i end...The outfit post time...

Long maxi dresses are great for comfort.
Especially when i had a buffet. I get to eat my hearts out cuz i had the extra space.

Accessories are necessary! 
It helps bring out a plain dress
So don't skimp on accessories=p 

When wearing a maxi dress or anything this long, i suggest wearing shoes that show some leg skin or rather some foot skin
Having a covered toe shoe or heels will make you look short and maybe a tad congested cuz of the already long dress covering everything.

But, if you found a covered toe shoes that works well with maxi dresses
Hurray for you!
I haven't been able to pull it off =(

Lycra Maxi Dress| Times Square
 Slippers| Birkenstock

House of Harlow inspired Black necklace| Some on9 shop (Forgot!)
Horse Necklace| Birthday gift 
Leather Belt| MNG
Zebra Arm Bracelet| Random Vendor
Watch| DKNY

Wonderful February!!!

Let us all made March an even more spectacular month

Remember to enjoy the wonderful month y'all!

Till the next post


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