Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Do You Not Love your Country?

How is March for all of you so far? 

I am sure it is going very well
minus the minor hiccups that I am sure everyone goes through

No matter, things will eventually work out great! 

Think positive!
Thinking and believing will ultimately make it true..
Positive Vibes y'all
**Ever heard of the book/documentary Secret =p**

Coming back to the main issue today...

What do you all think of Malaysia? 
While typing this I can just imagine heads shaking and loud sighs of Malaysian's reading this. 
Typical Malaysian reaction
Am i wrong?

To be honest, I love Malaysia!

Every time I travel overseas, no matter how beautiful the places are, I still miss Malaysia. 
It is not only because it is my home but it is because of our diverse culture that makes Malaysia so unique.

We have abundant of natural resources
We have one of the best highways in the world and accident rates
And, who can deny, we have the BEST FOOD ever!

Ofcuz, as a country, we have our flaws as well. No one is perfect. 

So, here comes the important question

What can we do to make our country better? 

Not holding a position in the government or a role that can exert influence in society can severely limit the things we can do to better our country. 

However, there is ONE thing all of us can do!

**For those who are 21 and above, sorry kids=p**

But before that, you all need to register right...

So, speaking of registering, 
the other day, my brother, who is 22 this year, came home and loudly announce that he had just registered himself and he was making fun of me for not registering myself.

And, Yes... I did not register myself when i turned 21 years
What a model citizen right..
**Shy...Head facing the ground and awaiting your scolding**

Because, I am so narcissitic
**It's a first born thing**

I went and registered myself the next day.

So what do you need before going to register???

Number 1

Yourself! Duh!

Number 2

 Your Identification Card
**OMG, don't i just look like Ju-On in this photo! Yiks!**

And that's it. All you need is yourself and your IC and you are good to go

So where do you go to register???

 You can go to any post office near you to register
And yes, our post offices don't only do posting of goods, so you know=p

What do you do next??? 

Step 1
Get a number 

Step 2
Wait your turn
 *Sooo lonely, i am so lonely*

Step 3
Go to the counter when your number is called 
Tell them you would like to register to vote
"Saya nak daftar untuk undi"   
Have your IC ready ya.. 

Step 4
The counter person will pass you a piece of paper, sign that paper=D
Step 5
Leave the post office a registered citizen!

Yes it is that simple. 
The whole procedure took less that 10 minutes, including the waiting time

Finally, I can VOTE!

But...I missed the deadline for the coming election. **Face Palm!**

No matter, at least I registered
I will show my power in full capacity in the next election
*Gosh..5 yrs to go wei* 

Wondering about what I wore to register? 
Yes..I know you are...
Even if you are not, too bad i am going to tell anyways=p 

--Commercial Begins--

 Bright orange. Great alternative to the my usual plain colors

Throw on a blazer and instantly people will treat you more seriously=p

Dress | Cotton On
 (Was on sale, only RM29!)

Belt | From China

Blazer | From China

Shoes | Vincci
(It was 70% off. Only RM29. How could i resisted laaa..)

Add some colors into your wardrobe. 
If you are not the daring type, tone the colors down with some dark pieces

--End of commercial--

Quickly go register yourself, if you haven't already done so!

Don't let people like Bawani, stand alone

I don't think i can ever be as brave as her to stand and speak up
Respect her!! 

Also, we must learn to love our country 
Namewee done a great job at showing all of us, that we need to have National Pride!

 It is absolutely hilarious but so true

Let us together, step by step make our country into a beautiful place

 Let's focus on the good things we have in Malaysia 
Do our best to improve those what we are lacking 

 Yeah! We can do it!

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