Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Tribal Print

Tribal printed clothing is all the craze now...It's everywhere! 

1st it was flora everything  now tribal prints has taken over!

I am quite the unadventurous person when it comes to clothing choices that are 
OVERLY exaggerated 
(i am a very shy person, so i don't go seeking for attention *hahahaha*)

However, this year 2013 
(it's going to be a magnificent year! i can just feel it!) 
one of my goals is to be more daring and to challenge myself
so i decided to jump onto the tribal bandwagon!

Behold the tribal power!

 So since i am trying printed pants for the first time, i opted for a darker color, so that i can get use to the idea of me in printed pants=D

 Pair any busy prints with simple tops, so that the pants can stand out.

So, here i paired the pants with a simple crop top, 
topped off with some accessories  
*gold accessories are essential=P*

  **Opps..did i drop something? look**

Wedge | Aldo 
(i bought it in Vietnam, it was on Sale, only RM 120)

 Top | H&M
Tribal Pants | H&M
(Pants bought for only RM 39.90!) 

**Tip: If u are rushing to H&M to get this uber cheap pants, 
do get the tighter size ya cuz this pants will get looser as u wear it.

So now i am left with a loose fitted pants 
*Maybe i lost weight??---Wishful thinking..Hah!*  

Layered Gold Necklace |  Forever21
Spike Bracelet | On9 shop

So, girls  
(Guys, if u want to try, no objections here=p)
Try some printed pants/leggings to jazz up your clothing collection

Be Adventurous! 
Be Daring!
Be Young! 

You might discover some of your hidden potentials!

Time for you all to shine baby!



Thursday, 21 March 2013


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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Do You Not Love your Country?

How is March for all of you so far? 

I am sure it is going very well
minus the minor hiccups that I am sure everyone goes through

No matter, things will eventually work out great! 

Think positive!
Thinking and believing will ultimately make it true..
Positive Vibes y'all
**Ever heard of the book/documentary Secret =p**

Coming back to the main issue today...

What do you all think of Malaysia? 
While typing this I can just imagine heads shaking and loud sighs of Malaysian's reading this. 
Typical Malaysian reaction
Am i wrong?

To be honest, I love Malaysia!

Every time I travel overseas, no matter how beautiful the places are, I still miss Malaysia. 
It is not only because it is my home but it is because of our diverse culture that makes Malaysia so unique.

We have abundant of natural resources
We have one of the best highways in the world and accident rates
And, who can deny, we have the BEST FOOD ever!

Ofcuz, as a country, we have our flaws as well. No one is perfect. 

So, here comes the important question

What can we do to make our country better? 

Not holding a position in the government or a role that can exert influence in society can severely limit the things we can do to better our country. 

However, there is ONE thing all of us can do!

**For those who are 21 and above, sorry kids=p**

But before that, you all need to register right...

So, speaking of registering, 
the other day, my brother, who is 22 this year, came home and loudly announce that he had just registered himself and he was making fun of me for not registering myself.

And, Yes... I did not register myself when i turned 21 years
What a model citizen right..
**Shy...Head facing the ground and awaiting your scolding**

Because, I am so narcissitic
**It's a first born thing**

I went and registered myself the next day.

So what do you need before going to register???

Number 1

Yourself! Duh!

Number 2

 Your Identification Card
**OMG, don't i just look like Ju-On in this photo! Yiks!**

And that's it. All you need is yourself and your IC and you are good to go

So where do you go to register???

 You can go to any post office near you to register
And yes, our post offices don't only do posting of goods, so you know=p

What do you do next??? 

Step 1
Get a number 

Step 2
Wait your turn
 *Sooo lonely, i am so lonely*

Step 3
Go to the counter when your number is called 
Tell them you would like to register to vote
"Saya nak daftar untuk undi"   
Have your IC ready ya.. 

Step 4
The counter person will pass you a piece of paper, sign that paper=D
Step 5
Leave the post office a registered citizen!

Yes it is that simple. 
The whole procedure took less that 10 minutes, including the waiting time

Finally, I can VOTE!

But...I missed the deadline for the coming election. **Face Palm!**

No matter, at least I registered
I will show my power in full capacity in the next election
*Gosh..5 yrs to go wei* 

Wondering about what I wore to register? 
Yes..I know you are...
Even if you are not, too bad i am going to tell anyways=p 

--Commercial Begins--

 Bright orange. Great alternative to the my usual plain colors

Throw on a blazer and instantly people will treat you more seriously=p

Dress | Cotton On
 (Was on sale, only RM29!)

Belt | From China

Blazer | From China

Shoes | Vincci
(It was 70% off. Only RM29. How could i resisted laaa..)

Add some colors into your wardrobe. 
If you are not the daring type, tone the colors down with some dark pieces

--End of commercial--

Quickly go register yourself, if you haven't already done so!

Don't let people like Bawani, stand alone

I don't think i can ever be as brave as her to stand and speak up
Respect her!! 

Also, we must learn to love our country 
Namewee done a great job at showing all of us, that we need to have National Pride!

 It is absolutely hilarious but so true

Let us together, step by step make our country into a beautiful place

 Let's focus on the good things we have in Malaysia 
Do our best to improve those what we are lacking 

 Yeah! We can do it!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Knitwear

Malaysia's weather is increasingly getting hotter and hotter no? 
Just the other day the temperature went up to an alarming 40 degree Celsius. 

It's Global warming I tell you!

Come on people love our planet!


I am sure you all love our planet so much and are already doing your part right...right...right?? 
**Sly smile**
Maybe next time i shall share some of my recycling practices  
then we can trade stories okay? 
 **Pinky Promise**  

Even with the intense weather, 
We shall not let it dampen our mood to dress up and look pretty 
 We will not let anything get in the way
**Sparta Growl**
(Drama much!!!)

So today's outfit post is all about knitwear
(Hot...I know's my way of telling the weather to "Bring it on" haha!!)

I absolutely love this knitted top
It is sorta at a length where it screams cuteness
(not sure how that works but yeah...Cuteness!)
Plus, the turtleneck hangs loosely so I can actually breathe

Knitted Top | Uniqlo 
(Was on sale, bought for only RM 24.90)

Paired this knitted top with a flare high waisted skirt

I usually don't pair loose tops with flare skirts cuz it always add bulk to my body but this is an exception 

Black Flare High Waisted Skirt | Forever21  

But i bought it from FOS, rejected goods=p
(No one would ever know the difference,  but i told u so it dont count)
I saw the exact same one at Forever21 shop 
Then i was like "Yes, ker yi" you lucky girl
(i am sure you know the feeling u get when u get a bargain)

Accessories for the night
Spike Ring | Sg. Wang
Claw Ring | Sg. Wang  
Bracelet| Tiffany and Co.

I wonder what i was thinking about...

Boots | Forever21 
(Was on sale too. Only RM100. Bought it cuz it was surprisingly comfortable)  

That's all for today folks

Have a great day 

Don't forget to smile!

Because your smile will lit up someone else's day

So don't be stingy!

(Did i see a smile there=D)


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Rockstar Father's Birthday at Chicago Ribs, One Utama

Celebrating the birth of the most awesome man in my life

Papa Lau! 

Another year older for my dear dad in this month of March

We decided to take our dad to have his birthday dinner at Chicago Rib House at One Utama. 
It is our first time there and it was just okayyy laaaa.

This is the entrance. The restaurant is located at One Utama New Wing
Next to La Senza 
(They are having some sale now! Time to look sexy)

We came on a wednesday night, so there was not much of a crowd, which was a good thing. 

Some pictures while waiting for the food 

My sis and the birthday Papa

My bro's constipated look
He was just too hungry waiting for the food to come 
They also have a bar 

After the long wait, finally the food arrived. 

We started with some nachos. I kinda took this photo after we swallow a few pieces, we were too hungry. haha!

The nachos were not bad but i was rather disappointed with the quantity of the nachos they served. The amount they served is considerably less than other restaurant... 
Then again, i am i sucker for quantity
(in this instance only k. Whatever ur thinking...Stop =p) 

Next, we had the tortilla salad with grilled chicken. 
This is by far the best dish we had all night. 
We loved the texture and taste of the crispy tortilla
So much for a healthy dish=p 
If you do decide to eat there next time, do order the tortilla salad.

    Then, we had the Aglio Olio spaghetti.
The taste was okay
Nothing too special. I found it to be a tad too dry 

Because we are huge eaters
Another spaghetti dish for us 

This is one of their recommended dish---Chill Mexican Spaghetti (if i am not mistaken...hehe)

It is not bad. They have generous amount of beef in the dish

We also tried their ribs. We came to a a rib house, ofcuz we had to try their ribs. They have a few different type of rib marinates that you can choose from.  

They have one with bourbon too 
(hmm..Wonder whether ppl with low tolerance can get high eating em' ribs=p)

The ribs was so so. Not what i expected.
 Tony Romas  Other places serve better ribs, so no more ribs if i come back here. 

 We also tried their Hickory BBQ Bacon burger.

Not sure why a knife is used to stab the burger...
Well at least they didn't use chopsticks...
Now that would have been awkward!
(Sticking chopsticks upright is done during chinese funerals)   

Their burgers are surprisingly not bad. The patty is tender and juicy. 
Very rich piece of meat. Hahaa.
 Then, as we were eating, we notice that most tables ordered their burgers instead of their other food. 
We've been conned into eating their not so good other food! 

All in all, the food was just okay. 
I would recommend ordering the tortilla salad and the burger if you do decide to try eating there.  

I think my dad was kinda happy his children brought him a birthday dinner but at the same time sad cuz the food was not up to his standards

My dad always enjoys A-class food 
(with his dates ofcuz! we children can only patiently wait our turn.)  

My Superstar Father always begins his day with....


He wakes up early in the morning to make fresh fruit juices for all of us
(How lucky...I know right=p)

All of us will drink a jar of fresh orange juice every morning. 
It is our pick me up elixir!  
Scoot over coffee. Hah!

My dad also juices fresh vegetables, star fruits, watermelons and pineapple.

Side joke: My dad kinda got high once on fermented pineapple juice! 
His tolerance is probably like a -ve. It was so hilarious!
(Fermented pineapple will produce some form of alcohol, if you are wondering=D)

We use a special kind of juicer where there no need for any water. 
So 100% of the juice we drink is from the fruit/vege. 
Feel healthier with every sip.

And yes, we use alot of fruits!!!
We buy fruits Wholesale!

People at the wholesale markets think our family open some fruits business. hahaha!

Some of the juices we have in the fridge.
And yes, we buy the jars in the dozens too.

Think my family love getting stuff in bulks, 
otherwise feel kinda cheated. haha=P

At this point, i know what u all must be thinking, 

How spoil can these children get man... 
Having their old man make juices for them every morning,
as if putting a roof over their heads isn't enough

Yeah you are probably right **Hide face in shame** 

But but but...

We also do our fair share okay...

That's me folding clothes

And, ironing

And washing, moping, wiping...

We all share the chores to make up for not having lived in help
**Reminiscing about those maid days..Such clean floors we had** 

I have to admit, we are spoiled to some extend...
But not entirely laaaa
(we still do the house chores yo!)

The three of us are awesome children
**Ego growing**

 This is my dad doing is daily thang!

I am so happy to say that my sis and I have been superb! We managed to influence our dad to start exercising everyday...
Insanity style yo!

But then...He only manage to do the 10 mins warm up! haha!

He says: We must slow sink into it. 
Cannot over exert ourself or not we won't be able to enjoy it! 
For what i want to push myself so hard!

Words from a man half a century old. 
Opinions of others don't affect him so much 

However, even by just doing a short 10 mins workout every morning, my dad lost a few inches off his waist. 
He is constantly pulling up his pants! Yeah! 

The power of Insanity.
Yes, i did promise a post on insanity
Many of you are probably wondering what it is all about
It is coming soon ya. 

 My father has been the best father any girl could ever dream of having. 
He has all the awesome qualities 
caring, protective, intellectual, sense of humor, strictness etc...

No words can describe how grateful i am to have a father like you!

Looks like you will have to tolerate us for many more years to come=D
(We are not moving out so soon..Hah!)

This post is dedicated to my daddy.

 Hope you all were entertained!

Till next time

Dangerous Iron Lady
~I can do some mean ass ironing~
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