Friday, 1 February 2013

The Wonderful Start...Version 2.0...

Hello!!! Ker Yi here. And YES...I am attempting to blog...Again...hehehe=p

I will share with you all my simple humble life, with my love for beautiful things and OFCUZ Fashion!  

I am a self-proclaim shopaholic ***Guilty*** 

Love February. Therefore, I decided to officially start blogging=D

February is my favorite month of the year! 

Cuz there is Chinese New Year! Ang Pau yo!

  Come on...I know you all like it too even though as we aged, we get a bit shy huh... 

There is also Valentine's Day... Day of Love... 

 Maybe not a happy occasion for all=p hahaha! All you guys out there better crack ur heads on what to get for that special someone. Don't you go believe your girl when she says:  
"Aiya, every year also got Valentine"
"It is just another day"
 "We so long together dy, no need la"

I 'm telling you, she is lying! hahaha. Everyone would love to get some extra love and affection on this special day. No matter how small, it is the heart that counts=D

Don't you go recycle presents ahhh...No flowers, at least sme NEW design fake flowers would be good too=p haha! 

Birthday Month!!! Another reason to love February! Well, probably won't love it s much when I hit 30!  OMG! Come to think of it, 30 is not to far away wei...

But...Most people will be busy on my birthday, which falls on Valentine's.
And...and...and... People will constantly ask me where is my BF...
Aiyo, you can't rush love no? 
I will probably have to when I reach 30! hahahaha!!!

Emmmmm....Can i have Daesung???

 He look so uber cute no? ***Screams like a crazy Fan Girl***

2013 will be one awesome year y'all! 
Let's all make a wonderful and fruitful year together! 
Enjoy every single moment!  

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