Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Reunion and The 1st day of Chinese New Year

This year, my family and I traveled all the way back north to Ayer Tawar, Setiawan, Perak, which is my dad's hometown. Hock Chew town! It took us approximately 4 and half hours to reach there, thankfully the was no heavy traffic on our way back.

For once, we traveled back a day before the reunion meal (usually we travel on the day itself and end up Late...Always...)

We had a reunion lunch instead of the dinner

Our Glorious Spread

The fried goods

This one of my favorite dish---Sweet Sour Fish Maw! ***Droll~~~***

 My aunty's famous popiah... It's absolutely mouth watering

Half of the Gang...The other half were busy dishing out the food to feed us hungry people...

 The two lovely nephews

We had a wonderful meal...I ate so much I think my stomach grew another size bigger! oh no! I am so going to regret the excessive eating afterwards...But hey, it's only once a year..**Excuses=p**

 Then, we when out to watch a Malaysian movie---Once Upon a Time 
It's not the best chinese movie but it did have a few moments. I, especially liked the Aiya, Alamak and Ah Ma part. Go watch it if you have not, SUPPORT our local acts yo~~~

And, we came back to my aunty's house to see this happening...
My little newphew having the time of the day...Hahaha!

 Believe me, he was trying his utmost best to push it out... 
***I'm so mean but He's only 7, and i doubt he will ever read this...I am forgiven=p***

 And then, he kinda gave up pushing.
Poor fella ended up not being able to push anything out... Constipation i tell you!

After that, we enjoyed the non-stop fire crackers celebration at 12am. 
I am telling you, the people there are uber loaded! The fire works there can go on and on for an hour. It is better than any fire works in KL. 
 *Will get some pics soon ya=p* 

The 1st Day of Chinese New Year!!! 
Well, it is tradition for us to have a mini tea ceremony in order for us to get out ang pau!
*We will do anything for ang pau*

So, we do it the traditional way, we kneel, we say some absolutely touching words, we serve the tea and get the ang pau!   

That's me...I think i was saying something a bit touching...Then i pretended to laugh to reduce the awkwardness...hahaha!
My Macho Brother                                                   My Sexy Sister 

Our dear daddy! 
Thank you for a wonderful 2012, 2013 will be so much better=D 

The newphews gathered!

After that, with heavy hearts, we left Ayer Tawar and proceeded to Ipoh. We went there to visit another one of my aunty and she tapau (packed) Lou Sang for us! 
Yeah! My 1st Lou Sang this CNY=D 

It was super yummy...*Burp! Contented* hehe...

From there, we drove back to our home sweet home... 
Ahhh...Really over worked my stomach this 2 days...Another day tomorrow! *Yiks*
How can i resist warm home cooked food? hahaha!  
Well, i will just have to worry about the spare tires i will be getting this holiday later

Oh yeah...Lastly OOTD. My fav part!

I couldn't get a red dress...A pink one will have to do for the 1st day of new year.  
Comfortable dress that has some stomach space, perfect for those new year eating marathons! Woohoo~~
Double trouble...Be careful

Bag| Coach
*Me and this bag go way back...We have history*

Watch| DKNY     Spike Braclet| On9 Website 
You can never have too much of Gold...Hehehee...

Leather Belt| MNG

Wedges Shoes| ZARA

I had so much fun this year. It is awesome getting to spend time with family and all my relatives.
Family is everything no? 

Enjoy every single moment you all have with all your family, relatives and friends this festive season! It is a wonderful blessing that everyone is able to gather all in one location at the same time.

So, cherish the moment y'all!

Alright, that's all or today, more tomorrow. Need to hit the sack now... It's already 3 a.m. 

Good Night=D

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