Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Chinese New Year Celebration ContinuesXD

Finally, I  have time to update...Yay! So, my family and I spent 初二 (2nd day of CNY) at Seremban, the land of the Hakka people! 

I was so excited to be able to finally go visit my aunties and eat the amazing Hakka Cuisine ***Drools*** Absolutely love my aunty's cooking! 
We hardly get to eat hakka home cook food nowadays because no one knows how to cook it at home now... ***Cries*** 

My new mission: Learn the cooking Kung Fu from my aunty so i can work my cooking magic on any guy...Muahaha!

So, here was the happenings of that day

That, there is the Master Chef of the day, my awesome aunty!!! and then my ke le fe (lackey) brother...hehehe=p

Ooo...The oh-so-mouth watering stewed pork leg dish....It taste heavenly...

Tadaaa...The dish is served...
This is the highlight of the meal---Stewed Pig Leg

 The entire spread.
We had chicken, waxed duck, hakka deep fried pork with fungus (my fav!), stewed pork leg, stir fried veggies, soup

We started our lunch with Yee Sang. Yee Sang is basically chinese salad, with some shredded veggies, raw salmons/ jellyfish and some crisps, mixed with different sauces. It symbolizes abundance prosperity.   

 The moment my aunty laid eyes on the abalone and said lets put it in too
Ooo...Chinese Rojak wei XD

This is my first time eating yee sang with abalone. We sure do know how to enjoy.

Then the mixing begins. Wishing everyone the best of luck in their endeavors.

After that, we commence the feasting. Boy, did I stuffed myself! I practically had to find a support to help me off the dining chair. Hahahaa. It was that good!

That's my dad, before we started eating, trying to conceal his hungry self. The lady there is my other aunty.

We stayed for while and caught up on the latest happening in my relatives life's. Can't believe my master chef aunty is going to Korea!!! *Super Envious!* 
Must save my money to go korea! Need to go immerse myself in some Kpop culture...hehehe=p

Later that day, i spent some quality time with my sister, going shopping AGAIN! We went to Paradigm Mall and bought a few pieces from H&M (It is slowly becoming one of my fav places to shop)

 Addicted to my phone

Me and my Sexy Sister! Love her to bits=D

Well, before I end. My outfit of the Day

Skirts with bold colors and patterns do not require much styling. Just paired it with any plain top and you are good to go. It is a look that has both comfort and style. 
Why would you want to give up one for the other=p

Thought I looked all sweet with them flower skirt (perasan yo!), think again. 
 I decided to paired this look with my all time favorite Spike loafers, that certainly edged up the look. Not so innocent now huh=p

The emo look on floor pose. hahaha!
Now for some accessories to spice up the look...  
Don't underestimate the power of accessorizing girls.

 Some layered gold chain necklace, gold watch, stud sling bag and spike loafers

Black Tank Top | Uniqlo     
Blue Highwaisted Flower Skirt | Forever21
Layered Gold Chain Necklace | Forever21

Stud Bag | From China 
Gold Watch | DKNY

 My failed attempted to look sexy... Hahahaha.

Spike Loafers | From China

Ooo... It is already Valentine's day! Happy Valentine's to all. Enjoy urselves with your special half, if you haven't found ur half yet **ahem...Like little old me here**
do not fret, you can always spend it with friends and family. It is a day to show your love 
 to another.

So enjoy the moment
Put on your biggest smile and everything will fall right into place=D

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