Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rocking those Satin Pants!

New post...New post...

This one will be a short outfit post. Today's main super star----Satin Pants! 

***OMG! Ker yi u really so aunty loh! Only aunties wear satin pants k!***

That is a direct quote from my friends. **Cries silently**  

I wonder why that is the mindset about satin like pants? 
Why ahhh? Cuz it is shiny so more for aunties? or because it is more airy? *woohoo*

This is how i wore my satin like pants...


Here, I paired my pants with a turtleneck knited strip top. Love this strip top cuz somehow it has the slim illusion (illusion only la..sadly *cries* ) unlike the usual horizontal strip top where it widens your whole body.

Noticed the folds at the bottom of my pants??? 
Ahh..You probably can't see it that well cuz it's black but i folded it up to just above my ankles. 

Instant change from working boring black pants to casual smooth satin pants! Yay! 

You can do that too...

Experiment the length of the folds by adjusting the width of your folds.
**I did 2 folds. The 2nd fold is to cover the sewing of the 1st fold. Just in case u didn't know laaa** 

More pictures...Since i am so obviously vain...Hehehe=p 

 Paired the outfit with my spike shoes to save it from not being tooo overly formal.

**Taking these pictures are just GG tiring** my BF going to show himself=p
**Not that desperate yet laaa...still young mah...30yrs old la then i panic! ahhh!** 

Satin Pants| No Brand
Spike Shoes| From China
Leather Bag| Gift from Daddy

Arm Candy for the day

Watch| DKNY
Spikes Bracelet| On9 shop
Zebra Bracelet| Random Vendor

For a younger, more casual look

You can always brighten the look by pairing it with a vibrant color top

I choose Orange!  

Paired my pants with a chiffon top as the material is soft, it can match well with the satin material.

**The sun was making my already puny eyes...Punier!**
 Casual day out--- Chiffon tops are great to endure our super hot Malaysian weather!

Want comfort---Slippers are the way to go baby!

Orange Top| Sg. Wang
Slippers| Birkenstock 

Ohhhh Yaaaa... And i ate at Coco Steamboat for the 1st time and it was Awesome!

I went with my family to the one along Old Klang Road

I am not going back to Ho Ho steamboat after this=p  

So they serve this awesome Pork based soup that is to die forrrrrr...
Every sip is just orgasmic  heavenly=p

My dad seems to be quite happy with the food...
Means we are coming back! Yay! 

Haven't tried it yet??? Go...Go...Go...
Definitely won't be disappointed 

 But do go earlier ya cuz man...the queue was a long one

That's all for today...Will update on more exciting stuff soon...

Have a great weekend



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