Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Humble Celebration with Family @ Tony Roma's

"So, it time for a new update again... Aiyo lazyy larrr...


Cannot be lazy! must update because i committed to this."

That's me, monologuing AGAIN. I do it all the time. I talk to myself ALOT. Self entertainment...Woohooo! *now now don't let your naughty minds wander too far*

As mention, it is time for me to update again. Previously, I shared with you all my birthday celebration with my friends and now it's time for the celebration with family! 

My family is THE most important thing to me *apart from my phone,car, shoesss=p*  
well maybe the 2nd most important, 1st is the almightly God, without him, you all won't get to enjoy the awesome ME, no? *cheh, perasan much!*

Back to the post, so we had a dinner celebration at Tony Roma's at Mid Valley. It was a dinner celebration that I insisted we have my family insisted we have=D 

Omggg, so much food dunno what to order! Look at my frustrated face. 
Dad was like " Aiyooo...So expensive ahhh...Zhi Sung go to my car and take my other credit card cuz that card can get 10% discount! Quickly!"
*Face palm! Economy merosot larr. Forgiven! hah!*

Here was what we ordered... 
No post would ever be complete without some pictures of food! hahaha!

We started off with some bread appetizers, which were on the house

 My sister love the bread so much but she loves taking selca more. Poser! hahaha!

The 1st dish---Salad. 
I forgot what salad is this already but it tasted kinda weird! Later on we found out that they put blue cheese into it! Nooooooo.....

Blue cheese is some super fermented cheese. I just dunno why ppl would pay loads to eat something that has been severely fermented with molds growing! Ewwww...

No offense to you all blue cheese lovers, but whyyyyyy....

I just don't know how to appreciate it. Period. 

2nd dish--- Flat bread with beef. 
This was yummy! But dad say they conned us saying its bread but it's so thin, it's like nachos. 
 Oh well, I love eating nachos too so I'm all good=p 

3rd--- Some seafood, shrimp pasta combo *i forgot the name...hehe*

This was appertizing. The flavor was great!

4th dish--- The Famous Honey Lamb Rack

Sweet and tasty!

And then, after eating everything, we were still hungry...
More food! Yay!

5th dish--- Beef Short Ribs

Oooo...This was my fav!

6th dish--- Some Basil Chicken pasta combo *Again i forgot the name*

It was not bad but the previous pasta dish was nicer.

After we were finally done with stuffing ourselves with food, we couldn't quite move. *Satisfied grin*

My brother... He must be smiling cuz he is texting his GF... Sweet young love!

And then, she must have said something crappy. Frown! Poor thing! 
My brother is the sensitive, sentimental type
Despite his giant exterior, he is actually soft and cuddly on the inside.. Awww...
*He doesn't read my blog, i am pretty sure he doesn't...Fingers crossed!*

My Awesome sister and her Boyfriend, Daniel
Ohh yaa... Think my sis is sexy? Check out her blog at Originalkerchi for more sexiness! 

 The four of us...Nomnomnomnom... We are a family of big eaters! 

The Lau Siblings
We quarrel, we get into fist fights but we love each otherXD

Time for the highlight of the post. *Time for me to be vain*

Outfit for the Night

Simple Pink Lace detailed dress| No brand
Shoes| MNG

 Charm Bracelet| Tiffany and Co.
Ring| Tiffany and Co.
Watch| DKNY
Stud Bag| From China 

You probably wandering why there is a picture of a duck here.
So, you know those MNG shoes i bought, i got it at a crazy crazy discounted price 
*mini cheers*  

 but hor...since it is new and i havent got use to it
My sis say i walk like DUCK! Quack! Quack! Quack!

OMG! i wore this to my birthday dinner with my frens too. I must have been walking extra ducky that night! My frens were too nice to say but then they go back and laugh! **So evil**

Oh well, at least i gave some entertainment=p  

That is all for now. Toodles


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