Sunday, 17 February 2013

Double Valentine's Celebration

 Valentine's Birthday celebration!!! 

Ok...i was born on Valentine's day and before you go thinking "OMG, u lucky girl!" 
Think again...

It is one of the busiest time of the year where all most couples celebrate it and i end up alone on the day of my birthday..*cries*..#foreveralone

But I really don't expect any of my friends to celebrate with me on that day anyway cuz you know i cant get in the way of their day to show their love for their other half...Woohooo! i wont want to responsible for any domestic dispute, if you know what i am saying. Hahaha! 

However, in this year 2013, it was different! My sweet sweet **I love all of you to bits** friends decided to celebrate my birthday on Valentine's day itself. They sacrificed their date night with some hot guy/girl or both (two is better than one=p) to date me instead. 
I had 2 group of people, who celebrated with me *Jackpot!* (again two is always better than one..Hah!)

The Day Celebration 

So Valentine's fell on the 5th day of CNY and my secondary school mates decided to meet up to go ang pau hunting! it has been ages since we met up and it was great to see them all again. 

We went for lunch first because some of them were so hungry, the stomach acid was making a nice big hole in their stomach..*exaggerate much*
We ate at this chinese restaurant at Taman Desa called Hoi Kee. Food was pretty tasty but it was slightly pricey may be because it's cny.

Chee Han here insisted he rinsed the plate for all of us, even though we girls volunteered. Maybe the didnt want us to hurt of pretty fingers... Awwww...haha!
Then, we went around to each of their houses to collect ang pau! Yeah! 
Finally, we ended up at Wan Zhen's house and they surprise me with a wonderful green tea cake! Yummy! 

That was me all surprise with Elaine trying her best to keep the cake stable...

Me trying my best to blow out those re-flameable candles! I was like Omg! are these candles ever going to go out! My friends little practical joke...
Yeah! Finally i did it!
Haven't seen those candles in action? Go get some and see your frens run out of air trying to blow them out. haha!
With all of them 
*Thank you all!*

Chee Han and Wei Jun

Elaine and Li Ping

With one of mua Bestie...Wuei Ging

With Gin Khuan...Gosh, has he changed! So happy for him!

With Wuei Ging and Wan Zhen (We had the celebration at her house)

Thank you gang! It was great!

But...The day was not over yet...Woohoo!

The Night Celebration

We had a lovely dinner celebration at the Red Bean Bag, Publika, with my friends from university.

We were the only table that was dining as a gang. We were surrounded by all the lovey dovey couples. Date Night baby!

 Here are my two besties... Phoebe and Wuei Ging
Thank you both for putting everything together *XOXO*

The Trio

With the lovely ladies... Rachel, Phoebe and Wuei Ging

Pheoric and Faiz

Adri and Rachel a.k.a Alexis Brush
Carrie and Eng Hoe
I had the Salmon. It was pretty good. 
The post just would not be complete with out some pictures of food no? haha!

Food was great but because it was a busy night, much of the food on the menu was sold out! Valentine's...
 And then, another cake...Yeah!

 This time my friends were kinder. No fanciful candles. Hahaha

Desperately wishing...Look at that face. Haha!

Group Photo (lighting fail!)

My Outfit for the Night

Printed Dress| Times Square
Feather Earrings| Random Vendor
Shoes| MNG

Gold Bracelet| MNG
Stud Bag| From China
Gold Watch| DKNY

Busy printed dresses are great to hide that little tummy that many of us have I have *guilty*
The prints will serve as a distraction thus, creating the no tummy illusion

But i took these pictures after i ate so that does not apply here. Tummy expanded! hahaha!

I had a wonderful day. Thank you all! You all made 2013 extra special for me this year=D

Blogging soon on my celebration with family. woohooo!


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