Thursday, 17 April 2014

The College Look

Hello my lovelies =D

It has been a while I updated my blog.

As usual, I have been busy, extra busy lately.

Although, I have been missing out on ALL my favorite TV series *cries*,
I have never felt so ALIVE being occupied with things to do.

Occupied with things that matters, of course =D

What have all of you been up to?

I am interested to know =P


In the midst of all the busy-ness,
there is no excuse to ignore our wardrobe right?

Remember in one of my previous post, 
I mentioned dressing well is a form of respect for the person/people you will see.

Not to mentioned, it will give you confidence when you dress well no?

For me it does.

It works like an invisible amour to protect me from any potential harm 
but like any amour, it sometimes will not be able to withstand heavy fire.

Well, in the modern day, the heavy fire we receive would be 
all the negativity and criticisms.

I think we really cannot escape all the negativity/criticisms
in society today because we cannot change how other people think or behave.

What we CAN do is change our our own thinking 
from a negative one to a positive one.

Of course, this is easier said than done 
but really it is worth the extra effort to be the cheerful positive one
in an almost hopeless dire situation.

You have no idea, 
how much a smile or a simple "how do you do?"
will lift someone's spirits that day.

Making someone else happy does not get you paid in cash
but it does make you rich as a person in general.

As the saying goes,
"Give and you will be given"

With that, 
let's have a look at my "amour" of the day =P

A very conservative look huh..
All covered up =P
*Need more amour*

Doesn't this look remind you of those 
mean goody goody girls we see in movies?

Not saying I am the mean type.
I am just too nice
*Being full of myself*

Paired a simple cardigan over a long sheer top and a pair of leggings.

Simple and comfortable,
not to mention it hides the tummy.
Teehee =P

Cardigan: RM 39.90
Long Top: RM 49.90
Leggings: RM 49.90
Shoes: RM 79.90

All from H&M.

I really love shopping there. =D

 Let's be the person who inspire the good in others.

Let's be the minority.

Because being the majority is just too mainstream!

Enjoy the rest of April.

It is going to be absolutely AWESOME!

Remember YOU are the one who determines whether
something turns out good or not.

Look at things from a different perspective,
you will just surprise yourself =D

Have a great one!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

ModCloth. An Amazing Online Shopping Avenue for All!

Hello all you wonderful people!

How have all of you been?

I am sure you all doing absolutely wonderful no?

Well, if you are in need of a pick me up,
there is nothing better than some retail therapy to lift your spirits!

Ladies, you have to agree with me that there is no therapy like retail therapy!

Although it does hurt if we go a bit over board
but every now and then we should pamper ourselves right right? =P

So, I introduce to you ModCloth

ModCloth is an online shopping site that carries many 
unique and beautiful pieces!

I love that they carry not only modern styles but I find that 
they have a huge retro influence as well.

You can find plenty of 
full skirts, polka dots, A-line dresses, sundresses 
that are just too cute to resist!

Besides that, they not only cater to all those 
stick skin people, they also bring in clothes for plus sizes too!

Like finally a shop that does not discriminate size right.

You are beautiful no matter what size you are!

They do not only bring us plus sized clothes,
they also have beautiful swimming suits in plus sizes too!

Here are some of the swimming suits that they offer.

They are many many more!

Do check them out 

For you small sized people
 *Staring at you with fierce eyes*
Fret not, they have sizes for you girls too =D

Here is an outfit that I put together,
all the pieces are from ModCloth.

Because their swimming suits are so so pretty,
they can be worn as a top!

Since, this swimming suit's cutting and printing has a very retro feel,
so I decided to pair it with a full-skirt.

Just look at the beautiful transparent heels!
So beautiful and posh, don't you think so??

What do you think of this outfit?


Like what you see?

Go check out ModCloth
and reward yourself with a few lovely pieces this weekend

Because, you know you deserve it =D

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LC Derma Skin Care Review + Workshop @ W XYZ℠ Bar, Aloft Hotel KL

Hello all you Gorgeous People!

I trust everything is going well?
If it is not, no worries, there is always to cheer u up =P

Recently, I was given a full skin care set by LC Derma.
*So happy!*

You can get LC Derma at

Today, I will give you a review about the skin care
after using it for about 2 weeks.

Who is LC Derma?

LC Derma series is the first skin care regime in Asia using the PhytoCellTec (TM) Symphytum. 

It uses Liposome system for better and effective penetrative for external skins.

Lc Derma is made in collaboration with the 2013 "most innovative ingredients" winner, 
Mibelle Group Biochemistry Switzerland

The best part of this entire brand is that it has 
no preservative added.
*It is actually safe to be eaten but obviously not as a meal replacement =P*

The Review

 Stem Cell Facial Wash 100ml 

It is a sulphate-free facial wash that is
mild and gentle on the the skin.

I found this cleanser to be rather pleasant
as the after wash does not leave the skin dry and tight,
at the same time it does not leave a slimy feeling after washing as well.

This clear facial wash has no added preservative.
Hence, it is gentle on the skin.

Price: RM 59.90

Lipoceu Turnaround Mist 50ml

This mist is a miracle worker!
It can provide extra hydration and nourishment to the skin
to restore skin;s comfort and help to improve signs of aging.

In short,
it is like the fountain of youth in a bottle =D

After cleansing, I use this mist as my toner.
I use 2-3 squirts on my face
and I instantly feel refreshed.

This mist is amazing as it does give my face
a tiny little lift after using it but you cannot 
really see it in pictures that is why I did not post one.

However, I do dislike the smell of the product.
I am not too sure how to describe it
but the smell passes almost immediately after application.

Well, we all know most good things that works for our body 
rarely smell wonderful right like?
*e.g. chinese herbs*

This mist is also free from preservative.

Price: RM89.90

Whitening Serum 30ml... Sebum Control 30ml... Anti-Aging Sebum 30ml

These 3 products are used for people with different skin needs =D

Whitening Serum 30ml

This serum not only brightens our skin complexion,
but it moisturizes and evens out our skin, leaving a smoother,
softer and brighter skin appearance. 

Personally, I love the texture of the whitening serum.
I do find my skin smoother and softer after application,
as for a brighter appearance, it has yet to show any 
drastic changes maybe because I am generally fair.
 But, I have uneven skin tone, so we shall see 
whether it helps in the next few weeks =D

Price: RM 109.90

Sebum Control 30ml

Specially design to cater for oily skin type.
This oil-free Lipoceu Sebox Sebum Control 
will eliminate oily and shiny skin without dehydrating skin.
Skin will appear less oily, clean, clear, refreshed and smoother and more radiant.

True to it's claim,
it really leaves skin shine free.

For those of you who have trouble with acne,
why not gives this a try...

There is no preservative added therefore,
it will be gentle on acne prone skin.

Price: RM 89.90

Anti-aging Sebum 30ml

This Lipoceu Stem Cell Anti-Aging Serum will
create a more youthful, healthier and younger looking skin.

This wonderful sebum will help protect skin against aging
while getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines.
It will leave skin looking and feeling 
rejuvenated, plumper, smoother, supple, firmer and lifted.

Everyone wants to get rid of those fine lines
and have young looking skin.

Well, this can be one of the solutions =D

Price: RM 109.90

Moisturising Serum 30ml... UV CC Cream 30ml...

Both these products are a must have in most skin care routine.
Moisturising skin and also having UV protection =D

Moisturising Serum 30ml

This serum is readily absorbed, providing an intense long lasting 
nourishment and hydration to dry and dehydrated skin, leaving skin feeling 
smooth, soft. supple and moisturize.

I love the moisturizer!

It such a nice feeling on the skin.
After application, I can feel my skin more soft and hydrated.

Price: RM 89.90

UV CC Cream SPF30 30ml

It is an exclusive light and non-greasy UV CC Cream,
it has anti-aging properties, intense moisture and better coverage
with SPF30. It helps even out complexion to create smooth, radiant 
and natural glowing skin complexion. 

Spot the difference?

Right side of my hand is applied with UV CC Cream.
Notice that it gives great coverage and a smooth complexion. 

Generally, I quite like the coverage that the CC cream provides
however, the cream is slightly on the thick side,
this makes application somewhat more difficult.

Still using BB Creams?

Time for an upgrade ladies
the CC Cream is here =D

Price: RM 89.90


There are so many products, sometimes it maybe 
difficult to know which one you need.

Here, I will list out the various skin types and 
which products are recommended.

1. Normal Skin 
(Day time)
Facial wash..Turnaround Mist..Moisturising Serum..UV CC Cream

(Night time)
Facial wash..Turnaround Mist..Moisturising Serum..

2. Oily Skin
Facial wash..Turnaround Mist..Sebum Control..UV CC Cream

3. Dry Skin
Facial wash..Turnaround Mist..Moisturising Serum..UV CC Cream

4. Anti-Aging 
Facial wash..Turnaround Mist..Anti-Aging Serum..Moisturising Serum..

5. Whitening
Facial wash..Turnaround Mist..Whitening Serum..Moisturising Serum..

The LC Derma Workshop

I was so fortunate to have been invited to attend a casual
workshop session by LC Derma and Hishop.

This was when I was firstly exposed to the LC Derma skincare range.

The workshop was held at W XYZ℠ Bar, Aloft Hotel KL.

Pretty Hishop cake huh...
It is edible if you were wondering.

We were so fortunate to have the CEO of LC Derma, Mr. Benson,
to conduct this educational session on the LC Derma skincare range

With Mabel Yan from Hishop

Met up with Kimberly =D

With the ever bubbly, Koey!
She kept me very entertained that day.

With Jessica


If you want to try out LC Derma skincare products

There will be an exclusive RM20 rebate for all you lovely readers
Just type in the code: LCDERMA
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 30 April 2014

You can check out LC Derma products on HiShop 

Remember to visit HiShop's social media for all the wonderful promotions
*Show some love darlings*

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